How Do I Lose Weight?

How do I lose weight in a healthy way?

How do I lose weight? It is good to remember that slow changes in diet and exercise are of particular importance. Losing weight means that it is necessary to burn more calories than are consumed. It is important to forget about immediate results and keep to long lasting plan. Obese people must know that the risks for health increase considerably with excessive weight. Obese women losing from 10 to 20 pounds diminish significantly the risk of diabetes. Men in this case reduce considerably the risk of heart disease. The weight in normal range in older people lowers the risk of numerous diseases.

How do I lose weight knowing my energy requirements?

The body draws energy from food. Excess of energy is stored as fat. Practically it means that people who consume more food than is needed for daily activities begin gaining weight. Those who want to lose weight must use up the fat stores. The best approach to lose weight is to reduce food calories and increase the activity levels. Therefore experts consider the weight loss from the standpoint of diet and exercise.

How do I lose weight introducing changes gradually?

Small changes can make wonders. It is good to consider the weight loss in terms of permanent change of attitude to food consumption. The best approach is to set the goals of weight loss for weeks and maintain these changes during months and years.

How do I lose weight reducing the calorie intake?

People with excessive weight must not keep to their usual eating habits if they desire to lose weight. It is impossible to lose body fat consuming considerable amounts of foods. It is good to reduce the foods to small amounts. The body must burn the stores of fat due to food restrictions and healthy choices. The weight can be lost in a healthy way with reasonable approach. Those who consume 500 calories less daily may lose 1 pound per week. Taking into account that fat contains the most of calories, it is good to reduce fatty foods and recur to wholegrain bread, fruit and vegetables.

How do I lose weight increasing the activity levels?

Increasing the level of exercise and keeping to the same diet and calorie intake may help in losing weight. A short walk will be favorable if it is practiced every day. Exercise with increasing intensity consumes more and more calories and burns the fat efficiently. Experts point to numerous ways of increasing the activity level. Among the successful approaches are walking, running, swimming, cycling, team sports, and aerobics.

How do I lose weight observing the rules of weight loss?

To lose 1 pound of fat, it is necessary to burn 3500 calories. For better understanding of the problem it is also useful to calculate the basal metabolic rate. The basal metabolic rate is the quantity of calories that the body requires to maintain basic functions such as breathing and digestion. It is the minimum of calories that must be consumed each day. Then it is good to calculate the level of activity. Experts recommend keeping an activity diary and recurring to the calorie calculator to know how many calories are burned in different situations during the day.