Food Pyramid

Eat least Sugars, fats and oils Eat moderately Dairy products (milk, cheese, yoghurt)Proteins (meat, fish, eggs, nuts) Eat moderately Fruit and vegetables Eat most Carbohydrates (bread,cereals, grains,pasta, rice) Drink lots Water My breakthrough to healthy nutrition Nutritionists designed Food pyramid to improve health and put a stop to diseases. Food pyramid was created as an … Read more

Calories Fat Bacon

How many calories fat bacon produces? Nutritionists found that there are approximately 39 calories fat bacon in a slice of the product. This slice may contain about 4.5 g of fat, but fat content depends on the source and sort of the product. For example, some kinds of bacon may contain up to 150 calories … Read more

Bananas Fat Calories

Fat calories in bananas SIZE WEIGHT FAT CALORIES CALORIES FAT Small 80 g 2.7 kcal 72 kcal 0.3 g Medium 118 g 3.6 kcal 105 kcal 0.4 g Large 136 g 4.5 kcal 121 kcal 0.5 g Calories In 100g Of Bananas Calories 95 kcal Protein 1.2 g Fat 0.4 g Fibre 1.1 g What … Read more

Avocado Fat Calories

Must I be afraid of avocado fat calories? From time to time overweight people ask their nutritionists about fat and avocado fat calories. People are also interested in the dietary characteristics of this product and want to know exactly how many avocado fat calories are in avocados. Nutritionists consider that it is very good to … Read more

How to Burn Fat Calories

How to burn fat calories and produce energy efficiently Scientists affirm that metabolic activity encompasses processes that result in food transformation. Biochemical reactions convert food calories into useful energy that is consumed for the functioning of cells, tissues, and organs. Breathing, blood circulation, hormonal activity, cell growth and regeneration require proper metabolic activity. The level … Read more

Heart Rate Burn Fat Calories

Achieve optimum heart rate – burn fat calories effectively! Overweight people who want to practice exercise must know that it is essential to find the optimum heart rate burn fat calories and lose weight successfully. Among the approaches to get rid of fat is achieving the target heart rate. Burn fat calories at this target … Read more

What are Fat Calories?

what are fat calories? If you want to know what are fat calories, it is important to separate total calories and fat calories for practical purposes. A calorie is a standard unit to calculate the food energy for the body. Depending on the source, nutritionists speak about fat, carbohydrate, and protein calories. Answering the question … Read more