How Much Fat And Calories Does Chinese Food Have?

Those people who are frequent visitors to Chinese restaurants would like to know the answer to the question, “How much fat and calories does chinese food have?” Specialists affirm that Chinese food may contain considerably more fat and calories than ordinary people think. However, the answer to the question “How much fat and calories does chinese food have?” is not at all simple. Fortunately, Chinese cuisine does not use much saturated fat and is rich in vegetable oils.

Useful facts about how much fat and calories does chinese food have

Despite the attractiveness of Chinese food, there are many forbidden fruits in Chinese restaurants, especially for those people who are overweight and must count their calories. The customers of Chinese restaurants should know their dietary requirements and preferences to realize their freedom of choice. Menus of Chinese restaurants contain much of saturated fat, salt and calories. From this stand point Chinese food is not good for obese people and patients suffering from hypertension because excessive sodium in the salt may result in increased blood pressure. On the other hand, Chinese cuisine offers large amounts of vegetables and vegetable oils that may be beneficial for cardiovascular system.

Why it is important to know “How much fat and calories does chinese food have?”

Some chickens may contain more sodium and more fat calories than are needed to cover daily requirements. The fried chicken with vegetables may contain more than 10 grams of saturated fat and 1300 calories. Even the vegetables may contain about 900 calories. An eggplant in garlic sauce gives 1000 calories. Six steamed pork dumplings produce 500 calories. The appetizing fried noodles are easy to chew thoughtlessly getting needless calories. One egg roll with pork can bring from 200 to 350 calories. The usual entrée at Chinese restaurant offers about 1000 calories. Steamed white rice can provide with 300 calories. Oils for frying, corn starch and sugar into the composition of sauces, as well as nuts are responsible for enormous amounts of calories. Any crunchy, marinated, coated, and battered food may be suspicious for increased caloric and fat contents. Additional calories also come from alcoholic beverages like saké, wine, and beer.

Preferable answer to the question, “How much fat and calories does chinese food have?”

For people who do their best to keep the weight in acceptable limits, Chinese restaurant may become a trial and temptation. Nutritionists, however, affirm that careful selection of the meals may help satisfy the most refined tastes. Fortunately for gourmands, a number of well-liked soups offered at Chinese restaurants are considered to be low-calorie opportunities together with numerous other low-calorie and delicious options. Choosing among numerous offers at Chinese restaurants, customers who think about fat and calories should prefer those dishes that abound in vegetables. It is good to keep away from deep-fried meat. The sauces should be consumed in fewer amounts. Salt must be avoided and it is better to refrain from soy sauce, hot mustard, and duck sauce. It is also good to order brown rice instead of white rice.

Lower-calorie Chinese food of choice

Answering the question, “How much fat and calories does chinese food have?” it is good to remember some approaches to lower-calorie Chinese diet. It is recommended to select from hot and sour soup or wanton soup. These soups do not contain more than 100 calories. Steamed spring rolls and dumplings should be preferred to egg rolls. Steamed entrées are frequently the best choice for those who think about their weight and Chinese food. The distinctive feature of Chinese food is the abundance of wholesome, vitamin-rich vegetables and customers should take advantage of the accessible choice. Clients should pay particular attention to lean meats. Excellent options are steamed or broiled chicken with steamed vegetables. Light menus in some restaurants presuppose steamed chicken, fish shrimp, and fish with steamed vegetables. Addition of steamed assorted vegetables helps answer the question “How much fat and calories does chinese food have?” Brown or white rice contain typically 75% calories less than fried rice. Fortune cookie is the ideal sweet conclusion of the meal. Taking into account that Chinese food is rich in sodium, it is recommended to consume meals with water, tea, and soda.

Calories In Some Chinese Foods

FoodCalories / per
Appetizers: Dim Sims, fried100 / 1 dim sim
Appetizers: Spring Roll115 / 1 small
Appetizers: Wantons110 / wanton
Beef: Braised with Vegetables250 / 1 cup
Beef: Chow Mein320 / 1 cup
Chicken: Lemon Chicken412 / 1 cup
Chicken: Crispy Skin408 / 1 cup
Combination Meals: High Fat900 / 1 plate
Combination Meals: Medium Fat550 / 1 plate
Duck: Peking Duck650 / 1 serving
Pork: Barbecued543 / 1 cup
Pork: Chop Suey271 / 1 cup
Rice: Fried Rice363 / 1 cup
Prawn: Sweet and Sour257 / 1 cup
Soup: Crab160 / 1 bowl
Soup: Chicken and Corn160 / 1 bowl
Soup: Shark’s Fin (with. Eggs)220 / 1 bowl
Soup: Wanton Soup240 / 1 bowl