How Many Calories Are In A Pound Of Fat?

Answering the question “How many calories are in a pound of fat to be burnt in the right manner?” the majority of dieticians and nutritionists agree that 3500 calories should be burnt. The simple reality is that to lose one pound of fat it is needed to burn 3500 calories. Fortunately for people who desire to lose weight painlessly these 3500 calories can be successfully burnt gradually and even without much effort. Obese people should only keep away from excessive food calories to stop gaining weight.

What are particularities of the calculations?

As was mentioned above, 1 pound of body fat contains about 3500 calories. People who are able to produce the deficit of 500 calories a day must know that they may successfully get rid of 1 pound of fat in a week because 500 taken 7 times make 3500 calories. Even more, the deficit of 1000 calories opens the way to lose about 2 pounds for a week. Doctors in this case suggest that 2 pounds for a week is quite an acceptable goal of healthy weight loss. However, the attempts to lose weight faster than 2 pounds a week may have some drawbacks.

How many calories are in a pound of fat of the body and food?

The particularities of calculations, however, may be somewhat different from simplified generalizations. Taking into account that in biology the matters are not as simple as in pure physics, one can say that the real state of the art may also differ when performing more precise calculations. It is known that 1 gram of fat contains 9 calories. Taking into account that 1 pound is equal to 454 grams, 9 calories multiplied by 454 make 4086 calories and this amount of 4086 calories exceeds 3500 calories used in previous calculations. Scientists explain this difference by the fact that adipose tissue of the body besides fat also contains connective tissue and water. On the other hand, when performing calculations, experts consider the food fat to be pure and without admixtures. If we divide 3500 by 454 we will get 7.7 calories. This meant that 1 gram of body fat gives 7.7 calories and not 9 calories produced by burning the pure fat.

How many calories to be burnt during physical activity?

The key factor of successful losing weight is exercising. The most successful approach to lose weight is to consume fewer amounts of calories and combine eating with increased physical activity. It is a very good way to reduce the dietary consumption by 250 calories a day at the same time burning 250 calories by means of exercise thus creating the daily caloric deficit of 500 calories. Practicing this approach within a week helps get rid of 1 pound of fat in 7 days. However, losing more than 2 pounds within a week may lead to undesirable losses of muscular mass and water. Therefore the approach to losing weight must be sparing. Even sleeping may lead to burning of 50 calories. Such useful activity as doing housework may help burn 150 calories during an hour. Those who like walking will be happy to know that they may pleasurably and painlessly burn up to 300 calories within an hour. Working in the garden may burn up to 500 calories. Aerobics and running may also burn about 500 calories for an hour. But the champion of calorie burning is jumping-rope that may burn up to 700 calories within an hour.

How many calories are in a pound of fat from the standpoint of dieting?

The simple rule is that foods rich in fat possess high caloric content resulting in weight gain. Excessive amounts of saturated fats increase the level of cholesterol and therefore the risk of cardiovascular affections. However, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats may play a positive role for general health. To lose weight it is necessary to consume less fat and calories. It is also good to consume various kinds of food preferring foods with low caloric content. It is important to know that some foods and drinks may bring additional needless calories. Among dangerous for weight drinks are sweetened fruit juices, soft drinks, and sweetened milk. These beverages may almost imperceptibly introduce considerable amounts of calories into the body. To diminish the influence of sugar in the diet it is recommended to replace sweetened drinks with simple water.