Calories Fat Bacon

How many calories fat bacon produces?

Nutritionists found that there are approximately 39 calories fat bacon in a slice of the product. This slice may contain about 4.5 g of fat, but fat content depends on the source and sort of the product. For example, some kinds of bacon may contain up to 150 calories fat bacon in a single slice. A teaspoon of grease from bacon may produce up to 38 – 40 calories fat bacon. Sometime experts express the amounts of calories fat bacon for 100 g of product. Taking into account that a rasher of bacon contains from 30 to 50 g, those who want to calculate calories fat bacon for separate serving should determine the weight of processed meat, address with its rate to the special table and then multiply the found number by the weight of the serving expressed in percents. To lower calories fat bacon it is recommended to cut the rind from bacon before thermal processing and remove the fat excess after food preparation. Being armed with the knowledge about calories fat bacon, nutritionists recommend moderate approach to bacon consumption with eating bacon no more than two times a week. It is not good to consume bacon every day. Experts affirm that calories fat bacon work positively only for those who prefer prudence and equilibrium. Fortunately for bacon lovers, Canadian sorts of this product contain less calories fat bacon. For instance, 2 slices of Canadian bacon produce 90 calories fat bacon and only 35 calories are of fat origin.

What is known about bacon?

Bacon is a cured and smoked side part of pork. There are also kinds of bacon taken from the leaner pork parts. On the market one can find bacon of various standard sorts. The product contains sufficiently high amounts of calories fat bacon and nutritionists recommend a prudent approach to this kind of meat. The product also contains about 8.5 % of protein. Bacon is popular owing to its particular smoky taste and flavor. People prefer consuming bacon with eggs and as an adornment to various foods.

Bacon and its nutritional content

Bacon contains about 40% of saturated fat. This fat share depends on the portion and method of preparation. Four slices of bacon weighing 14 g include 7.45 g of total fat composed of 50 % of monounsaturated, about 33% of saturated and the about 17% of polyunsaturated fats. Bacon as well may contain about 800 mg of sodium per serving. Among other minerals are potassium, zinc, copper, magnesium, and phosphorus. Specialists also point out to health advantages of bacon. Taking into consideration that bacon is a red variety of meat, it contains useful amounts of iron necessary for the production of red blood cells. Bacon also contains vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and panthothenic acid.

What doctors say about bacon?

Despite positive features of bacon, doctors, however, express some concerns about this product. Some researchers suspect a connection between consuming cured bacon and pulmonary affections linked to sodium nitrite entering into the composition of the product as preservative. Bacon typically contains increased amounts of salt and saturated fat. Doctors affirm that immoderate consumption of saturated fat and salt is associated with various cardiovascular troubles. Scientists also suggest that bacon, processed by smoke and salt with additional preservative chemicals may be associated with diabetes, heart disease and even neoplasm.

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