Bananas Fat Calories

Fat calories in bananas

Small 80 g 2.7 kcal 72 kcal 0.3 g
Medium 118 g 3.6 kcal 105 kcal 0.4 g
Large 136 g 4.5 kcal 121 kcal 0.5 g

Calories In 100g Of Bananas

Calories 95 kcal
Protein 1.2 g
Fat 0.4 g
Fibre 1.1 g

What is known about bananas fat calories?

Fortunately for all consumers of this wonderful fruit, from the standpoint of bananas fat calories it is an ideal food option. Bananas contain low amounts of fat and bear very few bananas fat calories. One of the species of bananas is called in Latin Musa Sapientum, which can be translated as “fruit of the wise”. Banana mass and size can be of importance for the total calories and bananas fat calories. The bigger the fruit, the more total calories and bananas fat calories it contains. However there are not many bananas fat calories in a single banana.

Do I consume many bananas fat calories enjoying the fruit of the wise?

Overweight people sometimes ask their nutritionists, “Do I consume many bananas fat calories?” Nutritionists explain that total calorie content as well as bananas fat calories content is rather low. The case is that the diet and individual nutritional requirements presuppose taking into account additional to bananas fat calories factors. Bananas offer most of calories from carbohydrates, about 4% of calories from protein, and 4% from fats. People, who keep to low carbohydrate diet, should take into account the calories of carbohydrate origin in addition to bananas fat calories. As a matter of fact, bananas fat calories are only a rather small part of total caloric intake. Besides total calories and bananas fat calories, it is important to understand general banana content. Good news is that factors other than bananas fat calories may create only positive emotional background. Bananas consumed minimum once a day give effective source of healthy energy together with numerous nutrients.

Admiration and eulogy for bananas

Possessing paradisiacal sweet taste and attractive creamy consistency, bananas are a delectable food for anyone. Bananas can be consumed in a raw state as well as prepared in various manners. Bananas in fruit salad are one of the best food options for children and adults. Athletes appreciate bananas for high carbohydrate content providing with easy-to-access source of energy because bananas are rich in glucose, fructose, and sucrose. Another positive feature of bananas is that they are inexpensive.

No fear of bananas fat calories

From the nutritional point of view, bananas are associated with countless beneficial qualities. Medium sized banana contains only 0.4 grams of fat and so does not provide many bananas fat calories. Moreover, fat in reasonable amounts is an important nutritive constituent. So people thinking about their waist can remain calm because bananas give low amounts of fat and bananas fat calories. The protein calories frame only 1% of total calorie content. Even this is much higher than bananas fat calories, which are less than 1%. The calories in a banana including bananas fat calories are consumed slowly and help provide the body with a stable energy. Bananas are good for an energetic increase before or after physical exercise. Another attractive characteristic feature, besides low bananas fat calories, is that bananas contain very low amounts of saturated fat and are practically devoid of cholesterol.

Useful particularities of banana content

Bananas practically do not contain sodium and are rich in potassium. Potassium promotes the muscular tissue growth due to improving the protein synthesis. Potassium also participates in the transmission of nerve impulses for muscle activity. Potassium lowers the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. Vitamin C entering in bananas improves immunity and protects against infections. Vitamin B6 in bananas regulates the immune system and synthesis of antibodies, erythropoiesis, metabolism of protein and the activity of the nervous system. Bananas also supply with microelements such as calcium, iron, copper, zinc, and selenium. Oligosaccharide starch of bananas improves the growth and activity of useful bacteria in the intestine and helps the body to assimilate needed nutrients from food.

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