Alcoholic Beverages Calories Fat

Alcoholic beverages calories fat gain

Scientists found that 1 gram of alcohol produces 7 calories and this fact means that alcoholic beverages calories fat accumulation may be the result of excessive drinking. It also signifies that overweight people must take into account alcoholic beverages calories fat gain. All alcoholic beverages are source of additional calories, and the large part of these calories is produced by alcohol.

Alcoholic beverages calories fat gain and loss

Scientists suggest that there are two sides in alcoholic beverages calories fat problems. On the one hand, excessive drinking of some alcoholic beverages, such as beer, may contribute to weight gain. On the other hand, alcoholic beverages calories fat may undergo reduction with weight loss as it happens with some people abusing alcoholic drinks. Thus, researches demonstrated that consuming alcohol may lead to weight gain and weight loss. Explaining these facts scientists say that some hereditary factors may determine predisposition to alcoholic beverages calories fat gain or loss. People consuming much food against the drinking background may be predisposed to gain alcoholic beverages calories fat. However, for some drinking people alcohol replaces food to considerable extent and this may result in alcoholic beverages calories fat loss.

Why alcoholic beverages calories fat gain is important

Those who consume large amounts of alcohol together with much food are at particular risk of alcoholic beverages calories fat gain due to the fact that alcohol is a strong appetizing agent. From this standpoint one can say that alcohol is the powerful blocker of effective weight loss. Men must also be aware that alcohol significantly lowers blood testosterone levels. Excessive weight is strongly linked to high cholesterol levels, heart affections, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, and osteoarthritis. From the standpoint of biochemistry the body at first metabolizes alcohol and only then carbohydrates, protein, and fat. In other words the drinking prevents fat burning and this could result in the weight gain.

How alcoholic beverages calories fat gain occurs

The excessive weight gain is the result of additional alcoholic beverages calories fat accumulation in the body. In spite of the fact that a rather small amount of alcoholic calories are transformed into fat, there is a considerable reduction of the amount of fat that is burnt for energy. The excessive fat is a consequence of multifaceted effects that alcohol exerts on the metabolic system. Experts affirm that fat metabolism in the form of lipid oxidation after alcohol intake becomes considerably reduced. Scientists found that certain quantity of alcohol is transformed into acetate and blood levels of acetate after alcohol consumption are significantly increased in comparison with normal indices. Experts explain that the increased levels of acetate block the process of weight loss because acetate becomes the source of energy instead of fat.

What do scientists say about alcoholic beverages calories fat gain?

Nutritionists do not recommend alcohol to people who keep to the diet because of excessive weight. Specialists affirm that the program for weight loss must presuppose abstention from alcohol. The approach is to abstain from alcohol completely and avoid it by all possible means. As a matter of fact alcohol produces significant detrimental effect on many organs and systems of the body, such as liver, kidneys, stomach and brainAlcoholic beverages provoke attraction to alcohol itself, food and even other addictive chemicals such as nicotine. Doctors affirm that alcohol consumption and healthy way of life are incompatible. From nutritional point of view it is good to remember that alcoholic beverages produce calories without nutritional backup and people on alcoholic background behave and eat without much thought.

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