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Resting Heart Rate

Definition of resting heart rate Resting heart rate is the number of pulse beats for one minute at the state of complete rest. The resting heart rate shows the levels of heart health and fitness. Healthy heart needs less effort for pumping blood. Interpretation of resting heart rate The number of pulse beats per minute … Read more

Heart Rate To Burn Calories

Calculate your target heart rate to burn calories effectively! Overweight people who wish to practice exercise need to know that it is important to find the optimum heart rate to burn calories and lose weight efficaciously. To get rid of excessive fat, you should achieve the target heart rate to burn calories. However, if you … Read more

Caloric Intake

Caloric Intake is the Totality of Calories in the Consumed Food A calorie is the measure of energy needed to heat 1g of water by 1°. Calories refer to the amounts of food energy and caloric intake reflects energy consumption. The body depends on constant provision with energy for efficient metabolism. Caloric intake corresponds to the … Read more

Calories and Nutrition

Such terms as calories and nutrition reflect particularities of food metabolism. The energy contained in foods is measured in calories. The notions of calories and nutrition refer to food transformations into cell constituents and body supply with energy for various kinds of activities. Study of calories and nutrition helps achieving optimal health together with reducing the risk … Read more

Calories From Fat

Fat, calories and calories from fat Calories from fat are powerful source of energy. Fats are needed for the synthesis of nervous tissue. Calories from fat may be burned or accumulated in fat cells. Fat keeps the body warmth and protects internal organs, bones and the nerves. Fats are needed to assimilate vitamins A, D, E, … Read more

Calories in a Pound of Fat

Useful facts about the amount of calories in a pound of fat Scientists affirm that approximately 3500 additional calories result in gaining weight of one pound. However, the same amount of calories in a pound of fat can be burned during exercise. Thus, those who burn additional 3500 calories in a pound of fat may lose about … Read more

Alcoholic Beverages Calories Fat

Alcoholic beverages calories fat gain Scientists found that 1 gram of alcohol produces 7 calories and this fact means that alcoholic beverages calories fat accumulation may be the result of excessive drinking. It also signifies that overweight people must take into account alcoholic beverages calories fat gain. All alcoholic beverages are source of additional calories, and the … Read more

Calories in Low Fat Turkey Sandwich 1700 Calories

Calories in low fat turkey sandwich 1700 calories for diet program Nutritionists found that there are 230 calories in low fat turkey sandwich 1700 calories for diet program. It is known that people should consume a determined quantity of calories daily to satisfy their needs and ensure the essential body activity. The quantity of required calories in … Read more